You Are Sniffling. Do You Have a Cold or Is It Allergies?


Portrait of a cute young brunette blowing her nose after catching a cold

It’s spring and you’ve been sniffling – a symptom that affects your respiratory system.

You are wondering if it’s a cold or allergies because it is that time of the year. Both affect your immune system but are triggered by different things.  A cold comes on as a result of the fact that you “caught” one of the many viruses that cause the common cold. Other symptoms include congestion and a sore throat.

Your eyes might be itchy and watery, and your nose congested. It is likely that it is an allergy or allergies to one thing or many things. Allergies are not caused by viruses but instead are triggered by allergens which include seasonal, environmental substances like pollen. Allergy symptoms are a result of your immune system’s response to the allergen.

As always discuss your health concerns with your healthcare provider.

Visit the Saint Peter’s Better Health Library for a list of symptoms associated with allergies and cold.




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